Software development has more commercial dangers attached to it now than it did ten years ago.

Hardly a week goes by where I do not see or read some horror story. A quick Internet search for "software project failure" will be enough to scare any company looking at spending a small fortune on a system that will revolutionise business practices.


Harvik Solutions was formed in 1993 by the company owner, Ian Fazakerley. My working life began when I joined the Royal Air Force as an apprentice. Since then I have continued to operate in the general field of electrical engineering through computer hardware to software development. Commercially, I develop for the Windows platform with various backend database technologies.

Today I work mainly but not exclusively within the automotive sector dealing with cataloguing and data conversion. Mapping a clients data to TecDoc by example.

If you require further information on what I can offer please contact me.

  t: 01507 363978